Live Stream Team - Origins

My friend Nick Steel who runs the Bath Comedy Festival and regular comedy clubs in sunny Bath can only have 60 people into his 200 capacity venue due to Covid restrictions. So I said… “Why don’t we live stream the shows to a wider audience?” “Great” said Nick, “Have you got the tech do make that happen?” “Not at the moment, but I can invest in some high-end equipment and power the live stream dream.” I replied…..

Well here we are, with Blackmagic Design broadcast quality equipment and 4 Full HD Panasonic cameras ready to roll, as I often say…. “Lets see what happens.”

And what actually happened was…  lots of people started watching the streams live and many more watching on playback, happy days.

Our next live show is…..

well your guess is as good as mine

Our previous live shows include…..

Marcel Lucont, Stephanie Laing and Dave Williams with special guest appearances from Nick Doody and Kirsty Newton….

The Jazz Locavores… with Iain Ballamy, Henrik Jenson and Dave Smith

more to follow, subscribe to our YouTube channel… HERE

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